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Explore The Beautiful Uprising of 2020 in a VHS era adventure shot from the frontlines of protest.

In my adventures across your timeline - I’ve run into my time displaced alter ego Jam No Peanut again sometime around the year 2020.  After the virus hit - the inequalities the system were laid bare.  And with the murder of George Floyd, a black man who was strangled to death by Minnesota police for nine minutes, a spark was set off that ejected millions from quarantine into the streets. 

In this era - Jam No Peanut is a protestor in the belly of the beast in New York City - a member of the New York City Revolution Club .  Long before we made revoltuion  and established the New Socialist Republic of North America- the balance of forces was heavily against the forces for revolutIon, with a fascism consolidating power in America under Trump’s rule.  America entered an age of The very same forces that would later lead an insurrection and trigger the upsurge that created a pathway for revoltuion

After engaging my neuralink -I  meet Jam No Peanut on a rooftop somewhere on a Harlem rooftop and trade english and mandarin bars in a high noon showdown, as he shares memories via neuro-brain scan footage.  I’m hit with a barrage of data from the  headlines  and personal memories from frontlines of the Beautiful UprisIng.  Our archives report was a time where millions took to the streets to challenge racial oppression and the established order- a time that showed the great potential for people around the world to see common cause make the revolutIon they so desperately needed..but from what it reports thIs occured in 2020 - so why is this memory in interlaced video?   It may have something to do with my counterparts memory, and connection to technology.

--Avatar-Mind Ting 
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︎AINT HOW // 应该不是这样//︎